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Hands-on Designer + Art Director with an Affinity for Cross-Channel Brand Building

Having served in roles that include Design Director for NBC Television Network, Interaction Designer for the launch of Monster.com, and Associate Creative Director/Digital at Romney For President 2012, I bring over two decades’ experience in concepting and delivering engaging branding experiences, print communications and interactive products.
A hands-on user of technology and social media, my credentials include a graduate certificate in Organizational Behavior from Harvard and a BFA in Visual Communications from Syracuse University.
If you are looking to augment your team with a Fortune 100-experienced, award-winning designer, I’d welcome the opportunity to apply integrative, design thinking to your business.

Chris Grossé, Designer + Art Director

Getting in Touch. Staying in Touch.

(781) 324-2137
Brands + Behaviors blog

World-Class Brands I’ve Helped Leverage Include:

Education + Learning
Harvard University’s School of Engineering, WAM! Edutainment
Entertainment + Sports
NBC Television Network, USA, Starz! Entertainment, Viewer’s Choice, PBS, Academy of Country Music Awards/Dick Clark Productions, International Emmy Awards
Financial Services
Equitable, Connecticut National Bank, Connecticut Bank & Trust, Baltimore Federal Financial
Non-profits + Ministries
AIGA Boston, CoreNet, Josiah Ventures, Christ the King Church
Online Services
Monster.com, Upromise.com
Political Campaigns
Romney For President 2012
Professional Services
ZEFER, ’98 HBS Biz Plan Winner
Madison Avenue Magazine
Software Development
Syrinx Consulting, Web Tech Partners
Specialty Retailers
Musicland’s Media Play + On Cue, JCPenney, Shared Health